- More than 1,000 organizations have been accompanied in their social and environmental challenges
- 300 schools have improved educational quality
- 20 Latin American countries impacted by Ciclo Siete - Sustainability Week
- Have received recognition from Banco Mundial and the American Society for Quality

For 10 years Portafolio Verde has worked with more than a 1000 organizations, supporting companies like Argos, EPM, Prodeco y OI- Peldar in their sustainability strategies with different stakeholders; has prepared 1500 coffee growers to be competitive in global markets, thanks to companies like Starbucks. It has design as well, Environmental Education Plans for the regional government, Gobernación de Antioquia, and the 125 municipalities contained in the area; promotes biodiversity protection with the help of Disney; and has advised the BID, the CAF and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia in issues related to Green Businesses.

Additionally, Portafolio Verde leads the Semana por la Sostenibilidad Ciclo Siete, a week loaded with different experiences in order to strengthen every aspect related to sustainability. Which on 2015 had the support of 20 different Latin-American countries and more than 171 organizations. Currently we are planning 2016´s version, which will reach all Iberoamerica.
As is ensured by Alejandro Zapata, Executive Director “From Portafolio Verde we will keep supporting our customers and allies in their environmental and social issues through innovation, and backed by our powerful knowledge management system”