Portafolio Verde, with the support of Procolombia, is representing its clients and associates in Expo Milano 2015. The organization’s aim is to establish strategic relationships with different stakeholders aligned with their business management system.

Expo Milano 2015, which goes from May 1 to October 31, 2015 in Milan, Italy, its regarded as one of the most important international fairs in the world. Over the years, the exhibition has maintained its commitment in making an event that promotes a sustainable future, which also centers on the respect of the environment and the communities that live in it. The exhibition is developed by using sustainable standards in all aspects of its entire duration. This prevents, avoids or mitigates the possible negative impact on the environment.

The main goal of this world exhibition is to motivate visitors to make a commitment to develop actions that protect the environment. Actions based on the definition of the four main values: social legacy, inclusion, innovation and social responsibility.

This year’s theme is: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” It includes food quality, the promotion of culture, and tourism. Sustainability becomes a cross-cutting issue in the pavilions of the 140 participating countries; from its structure, waste management, and to the various content that is shown to the guests.
Pavilions such as the one from the United Arab Emirates, focus their theme on innovation and sustainability to find solutions for hydrological and soil challenges. Furthermore, it gives special emphasis in promoting Expo2020, which will take place in Dubai. Spain focuses on the importance of a clean and sustainable agriculture. Mexico is showcasing their different types of ecosystems and France promotes sustainable fishing starting from the selection processes.

As for Colombia’s pavilion, it has been one of the most visited because it showcases the advantages the country has to offer. It invites you to undertake a journey through the climate zones, and it shows the wonders of an immensely diverse territory with a huge agricultural potential. All of this, honors the pavilion’s slogan “Naturally sustainable.”

Events such as this exhibition, allow to generate solutions to challenges regarding the different alimentary issues by showcasing the best of our country. This makes Colombia a great source of food, hydrological resources and oxygen around the world. Furthermore, it shows how more and more companies, such as Portafolio Verde, are working towards the development of best practices and for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.
Portafolio Verde, in their mission to improve the lives of more people, views the participation in this exhibition as an opportunity to enrich, promote and implement innovative strategies for Sustainable Development.

Contact: comunicaciones@portafolioverde.com